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Decorative Options

Take a look at the beautiful design options available for your windows. Choose from our selection of decorative grids, woodgrain finishes, interior and exterior colors, and color hardware options. We even have a paintable stainable interior woodgrain finish to give you total freedom of choice for the color of your windows. Ask about our premium Color Match Program where we match the exterior of your windows to any color you want. You have a choice.

Produced using virgin vinyl PVC sash and frame extrusions are custom cut to size for your order with computer controlled cutting machines ensuring a precise fit and reducing material waste.

Our computer controlled welders fuse all four corners of the sashes and frames simultaneously so your windows stay square and operate smoothly.

Pictured above is our computer controlled fusion welder in operation.

The welded corners of the frames and sashes are trimmed smooth and clean, again using computer controlled machinery.

Here is a three section casement window before the insulated glass units are installed.

This large four section patio is not the largest we make, we also make six section patio doors up to 23 feet long. (see Eric for scale)

Cardinal Glass Industries provides float glass sheets with a patented triple-layer Low-E coating made specifically for our climate zone. This technology works to keep heat inside your home in winter while blocking damaging UV rays and rejecting the sun's heat keeping you cool in the summer.

Float Glass sheets are cut to size for your windows. Again using computer controlled precision machinery programed to maximize useable glass from each sheet keeping waste to a minimum.

Cut glass edges are buffed smooth for precision integration with our CS Ultra spacer system. The spacer is what holds the double or triple panes together with an sealed insulating air space between them.

Here's our worker overseeing the cutting operation. Each pane goes through quality control before moving on in the process. 

Here is more computer controlled machinery filling the airspace in the double pane glass unit with inert Argon gas.

After filling the airspace with Argon gas a butyl sealant is applied around the whole unit. This improves the insulating performance of the window and keeps moisture out of your window preventing fogging. 

Here's where the glass unit and frame come together.

Aaron and Eric admire the finished product.

Video Gallery

Video Gallery

Here's a demonstration of our amazing self cleaning Neat Glass. You may never have to wash windows again.

Learn more about one of the most important parts of your window system in this video. Presenting the Super Spacer.

The Super Spacer system can benefit you in more ways than you expect. This video explains the importance of reducing condensation in your home.

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