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Expect Excellence...

The difficult decision to change windows.
Up until today I have sold over two million dollars in double pane LowE, argon filled windows. So today's decision to leave my supplier and go even greener and more energy efficient was bittersweet. In the video "Anatomy of a window installation" I can be seen talking about some the nicest casement windows in the world and stating that the U value was a very low .28
(The lower the number the better) My competition was usually much higher. The new "Extreme green" R5 series windows will be the lowest yet, it features three panes of glass instead of two. Instead of argon gas it will be krypton gas which is a more efficient inert gas and keeps Superman out. Double LowE instead of single and the triple pane system makes it more soundproof for those of you in loud neighborhoods. The new Pegasus window will meet energy star requirements until 2016! So in closing I quote as everyone knows is my favorite William Shakespeare - "If I needed windows I would buy from Pegasus windows"

The Heroic quest
...We have not even to risk the adventure alone, for the heroes of all time have gone before us. The labyrinth is thoroughly known.
We have to only follow the thread of the hero path, and where we thought to find an abomination, we shall find a God, and where we had thought to slay another we slay ourselves. Where we thought to travel outward, we will come to the center of own existence. And where we thought to be alone , we will be with all the world.- Joseph Campbell

The importance of connecting to others.
A Sage came to heaven and knocked. From within the voice of God asked "Who is there?" the Sage answered "It is I"
"In this house," replied the voice " there is no room for
"thee" and "me"
The Sage went away and spent many years pondering over this statement in deep meditation. Returning a second time the voice asked the same question, and again the Sage answered
"It is I" The door remained closed. After some years the Sage returned a third time and at his knocking the voice once more demanded "Who is there?" This time the Sage cried "It is thyself" The door was opened.

Six ways to grow your'e company through social media
1. Quick to Start. You could launch a Facebook page today or get a blog going in a few days.
2. Low Cost. You can get started in social media and blogging for very little or no money. They are among the most cost-effective methods of reaching your audience.
3. Instant Interactivity. Both blogs and social media can give you nearly instant market feedback - good or bad. We get all kinds of feedback through the comments on our blog; people also leave reviews and other comments for us on Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media channels.
4. It's the Search Engines, Silly. Surveys indicate that 90% or more of people begin their purchasing process in search engines. Blogs and social media make it more likely that your prospects will find you online when they search.
5. Inbound Marketing. If you read our blog, you know that we're big fans of inbound marketing at HubSpot. Outbound marketing is telemarketing, direct mail, cold email blasts (not lovely nurturing emails like this one to you), TV and print ads - all the things that buyers tend to block out more and more. Social media and blogs are essential inbound marketing tools.
6. First Mover Advantage. For blogs and social media, there is an advantage to moving first. If you don't jump into the conversation, your competitors will (if they have not already) and then you're fighting an uphill battle to become influential in these online conversations. Start now to claim that first-mover advantage.

Pegasus the noble steed
Shakespeare alludes to Pegasus in Henry IV, where Vernon
describes Prince Henry:

"I saw young Harry, with his beaver on,
His cuishes on his thighs, gallantly armed,
Rise from the ground like feathered Mercury,
And vaulted with such ease into his seat,
As if an angel dropped down from the clouds,
To turn and wind a fiery Pegasus,
And witch the world with noble horsemanship."

Are you curious?
All of us come into the world curious, from birth every sense is attuned to exploring and learning.
Like little scientists, babies (in my case puppies) experiment with everything in their enviroment. What happened? Think back to your school days. We all remember that "Curiosity killed the cat" But what happens if you are like me and ask too many questions? Well, for some you're now diagnosed with ADD and treated with Ritalin or some other drug. Although we all started with an insatiable curiosity, most of us learned (once we got to school) that answers were more important than questions. Even in higher education answers are more important than questions.
The point I am trying to make is whether it's energy efficient windows, automobiles, the service sector or anything in between, are you curious about your product?
Passion is a word thrown about the business world quite frequently nowadays. If you are not passionate about the product or service you represent, how will your customer be?
Leonardo Da Vinci once said "For in truth great love is born of great knowledge of the thing loved"
Happy selling! Eric L Tolley, Pegasus windows

How to increase sales and make more money
How many times have you been giving a sales presentation and noticed a glazed look coming over your customers face? You can see your opportunity to close the sale slipping away. Panic sets in, your voice rises, reasons why the client should purchase abound, but you've lost the deal already. It's happened to me more then once and I bet if you are a salesman it's happened to you also.
How did it happen? You were on time, the meet and greet was flawless, rapport was excellent. What went wrong.

Dialogue; is a conversational exchange between two or more people introduced over two-thousand years ago by the Greek philosopher Plato and honed to perfection first by Socrates and then Aristotle.

Monologue according to Webster's dictionary is defined as a prolonged talk or discourse by a single speaker, ESPECIALLY ONE DOMINATING OR MONOPOLIZING A CONVERSATION.

So, next time that glazed look appears, Ask yourself am I monopolizing the process? Customers first and foremost want to make the decision to purchase your service or product, not to be talked at and sold.
So remember have a dialogue with your potential client. Let them express their opinions and needs and they might just tell you what it takes to close the deal!
Happy selling, Eric L Tolley
Pegasus windows